March Birthstone is Aquamarine

Spring is a time of renewals. It’s a time to brush off the cobwebs of winter and look forward to bright and beautiful new beginnings. Aquamarine, the stunning blue gem that represents the March birthstone, is the perfect embodiment of this wondrous time of year. It’s no surprise that the name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words “aqua” and “marine” – meaning water and the sea respectively. When I look into this stone’s pale, gorgeous blue color, I’m reminded of the ocean and in turn, all of life’s immense possibilities. While this take on the word’s origins may be romantic, the historic significance of the gemstone had a slightly less relevant tone – it was believed to protect sailors and to guarantee a safe voyage. For most of us, the gorgeous aquamarine gemstone has a more modern symbolism. The blue color is thought to calm the temper and to keep the wearer serene and levelheaded. Now in this day and age, who could use that!?! Moreover, this gemstone has long been thought to have a soothing influence on married couples. Not saying any of you need this, but I must say that jewelry featuring an aquamarine makes a wonderful anniversary gift. 

And for those of you who find that you are as cool and collected as could be in all aspects of your life (at least in those appropriate for jewelry), then you may instead be drawn to aquamarine’s magnificent blue hue – which makes a perfect compliment to any spring and summer wardrobe. No matter your reasons, a piece of jewelry with aquamarine will improve upon your life (or at least your wardrobe). See some amazing aquamarine jewelry at Beryl Jewelers and we’ll help you find an aquamarine gemstone to celebrate March in whatever way works for you!


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