Turning Your Old Jewelry into Beautiful Custom Pieces

Old Jewelry

When you want that exclusive original diamond ring, gold necklace or platinum bracelet, call a custom jewelry designer in Stuart FL – one who can take your dream and make it a reality. At Beryl Jewelers, our designesr have spent countless hours honing their talents in the use of 3-D graphic design. As premier Beryl designers, we utilize the power of 3-D graphics to blend structural integrity and beauty in the item being designed.

Old Jewelry into Beautiful Custom Design

Our owner, Shae has experimented and developed her craft, training the eye and mind to work in tandem as he creates one-of-a-kind pieces. She knows exactly how to bridge the gap between the virtual screen image and the psychical wax model. It has taken our designers years to reach this pinnacle, where almost anything is possible. Our customers are only limited by the extent of their imagination.

At present, we design all types and styles of jewelry, but a high percentage of our work includes diamond jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings. We also create designs using blends of platinum , silver and gold. We offer unique earrings, pendant & charms.



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