Sapphire: Septembers Birthstone

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Sapphires. Rich, sparkly, cornflower blue. When most people think of sapphires they think of blue sapphires. And indeed, the most popular sapphire gems are blue. Even the Latin name, “Sapphiru,” means blue. Blue sapphires are sought after, especially in engagement rings, as are engagement rings accented with it.

But It come in every color of the rainbow. Pink corundum ranges from pale pinks to hot pink sapphires. Yellow sapphires range from lemony yellow to golden orange. It even come in violets, purples, greens and whites! The rare and famous pinkish orange corundum is the Padparadscha.

Sapphire in Septembers Birthstone

It have become one of the world’s most popular gems, being the birthstone for September, Virgo’s gemstone, and the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gem.

They are the hardest gemstone apart from diamonds, so they are a perfect choice for engagement rings, or any jewelry that will receive a lot of wear. But It can scratch, usually from being rubbed by another corundum or diamond, or direct and hard knocks to the gem.

This come from many parts of the world, but the most prized this come from Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka.

Sapphire gifts symbolize pledging loyalty and trust; therefore they are the perfect engagement ring. Or pledge loyalty and trust to yourself, and give yourself the gift of it!


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