How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Have you met the partner of your dreams? Are you ready to ask them to spend the rest of your lives together? If you’re ready to pop the question, choosing an engagement ring can seem a daunting task. How much should you spend? What style should you choose? How do you pick the perfect ring?

Finding the ring that symbolizes your love and desire to commit to the most important person in your life is a challenge. We at Beryl Jewelers are here to help make that process as easy as possible! To save you time before you browse a website or walk into the jewelers, narrow down hundreds of options by choosing the features you want your ring to have. Here are our tips on what to focus on.

Band Metal

If you’re overwhelmed with engagement ring options, start with the most basic – band metal. You have the choice of white gold or platinum, traditional yellow gold or a beautiful rose gold.   To choose the metal of your ring, take a look at the jewelry your partner already wears. Does she prefer platinum or gold? Have you heard her admiring friends’ rings? Take a peek in the jewelry box and see what’s most prevalent.

Stone Settings and Shape

Once you’ve determined the metal you want, think about the setting.  Solitaire rings feature one stone while some rings have multiple large stones or a combination of large and small. Do you want a marquise or princess cut diamond? Or do you prefer an oval, round, or pear-shaped option? If you decide on multiple stones, combining cuts is also an option.


The stone you choose is the feature of the ring. White diamonds are the classic choice but diamonds comes in a many colors. Yellow, grey, black, and chocolate diamonds are all popular options that rival white diamonds in beauty. Pair your diamonds with meaningful gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires to create a ring that’s truly one of a kind.

Once you’ve decided what you want your ring to look like, then think about how much you’re going to spend. Different options will allow a jeweler to help you fit your design with your budget. Engagement rings are expensive but they don’t need to break the bank! Look over your finances and give yourself a realistic limit. The old guide of three months’ salary seems a bit outdated so set your budget at whatever you deem reasonable.

Determining the key features of your engagement ring before browsing the huge selections offered will save you a ton of time. Once you have some design ideas in mind, Beryl Jewelers is ready to make your dreams come true. With hundreds of options and professional experts on hand, Beryl Jewelers will help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Your love is one of a kind… shouldn’t your ring be, too? Let Beryl Jewelers give you the perfect start to the rest of your life!


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