Jewelry Appraisals

We offer appraisals for all kinds of jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, sterling flatware, watches, and more. If you haven’t had an appraisal on your jewelry in the past five years, we recommend you have an appraisal by our experienced jewelry appraiser and then have it documented in detail. Most appraisals are done for the purpose of obtaining insurance coverage in the case of loss, damage, or theft. If you feel the need for an appraisal on your jewelry, please stop by our store for an experienced jewelry appraiser in the Stuart area.

A jewelry appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of jewelry. Since it is opinion backed and supported by training, equipment, and experience, it is important to understand that there can be honest variations between compentent appraisers. 

Most people commonly belive that the declared price and evaluation is the most important aspect of an appraisal. This is not true. Actually, the most important part (and the most protective to the client) is an explicit description of the jewelry item, accurately depicting the design, the metal, the stones and quality. The only purpose the declared price serves as a vehicle to determine your insurance premiums.  

Most homeowners or renters policies have a minimum amount of coverage for all unscheduled personal property including your jewellery. Only items that are scheduled under a seperate “writer” can be covered for more than this amount. In order to schedule these items, insurance companies require that they be appraised. A detailed accurate appraisal is needed to protect your interests. Most insurance companies will replace your items at the time of loss. Therefor, an appraisal will allow the insurance company to replace your items with like or comparable items of size and quality as per the specifications listed on the jewelry appraisal. Some other needs for an jewelry appraisal: proof of ownership, estates, divorce, future identification. 

Until recently, insurance companies would accept any appraisal whether it was accurate or not. However, because of the increase of fraudulent claims, most insurance companies now insist on a gemologically accurate and detailed document prepared by a qualified gemologist. 

The appraisal should provide enough information to replace the items with one of like size, quality and value in the event of loss or damage. 

The appraisal should include: 

Description of the setting including metal type, purity of karatage, gram weight, style method of manufacturing, condition, stamps or engravings. 

Description of major stones, including species and variety, orgin (natural or man made), shape, size, carat weight, color, clarity, cut and phenomena. description of minor stones including size, weight, color, clarity, cut and condition. Total gem weight. Photograph and estimated retail replacement value. 

Appointments are not required but highly reccommended. Time spent on your appraisal is determined by the number of items and appointments. An appointment will ensure you of prompt attention when you enter the store. We do ask that you contact the store if you are unable to keep your appointment time. 

In most instances your jewelry will be appraised right before your eyes. Our “while you wait service” is designed with you in mind. You can wait, or if you feel comfortable, you can shop or make other use of your time. If you have a large number of items you can leave them and we will call you when they are finished. Your jewelry will be fully insured while in our possession. 

The professional fee charged is a minimum fee per piece dictated by the prevailing rates in your market area. The fee for the appraisal covers the appraisers time with the client, the appraisers expertise, time necessary to inspect the jewelry, photograph the jewelry, valuate the jewelry and prepare the type written report. It will also cover any additional research required by the appraiser. If you have more than 10 items you will qualify for a bulk rate depending on the types of items you are having appraised. The gemologist reserves the right to inspect the items before negotiating a bulk rate price. Some items may be charged more than the minimum depending on the number of and or complexity of the items to be appraised. The appraiser will inform the client of the professional fee before any work is done.

Most insurance companies ecourage you to have your jewelry appraisal periodically updated to keep up with current market trends and increase of labor, precious metals and gemstones. Your appraisal will have an expiration date of approximately 2 years from the date the appraisal was completed. Your appraisal will be securely backed up in our archives and can easily be updated in the future at the prevailing rates.  

C. Roger Barnes – Credentials

1971- New York Academy of the Arts (Marketing/Advertising)

1976- Diamond Grading & Evaluation (GIA)

1977- Colored Stone Grading & Evaluation (GIA)

1978- Gem Stone Identification (GIA)

1980- Diamonf Consultant Diploma (NOrthwest Gemological Institute)

1981- Gemologist Diploma (GIA)