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For the vast majority, purchasing a diamond engagement ring is an occasion that is full of pressure and uneasiness. A number of jewelers in the market use traps and tricks structured to deny you of significant worth and put more benefit in their pockets.

Jonathan K. & Co has condensed the knowledge we have gained from working with the largest diamond manufactures in the world. Learn from us on how to avoid common mistakes and obtain the most value on your purchase. Here we will teach you how to find the optimal color and clarity combination specifically for the shape you desire. This will allow you to get the most brilliance out of your diamond. 

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We are honored to share the special moments of crafting the perfect piece of jewelry and what it means to you. We are willing to work with any budget large or small. Your special moments should not be defined by price.

If you are in the market for a larger diamond, Jonathan K. & Co Fine Jewelry is the right choice. With the many factors involved in purchasing a large diamond, Jonathan K. will assist you with his expertise in finding the perfect diamond for your investment. 

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