Why Are Round Diamonds More Expensive Than Other Shapes?

Diamond shapes are constantly going in and out of style however the Round brilliant cut is a true classic. The round cut diamond is the most popular from all diamond shapes. This lends itself to the question, why are round diamonds more expensive than other shapes? Most will notice that round diamonds can be around 35% more costly. Let’s go over a few key points and get to know this shape better!

When it comes to diamonds, a diamond that is of nice quality and well cut will most likely sparkle. However, there are some diamonds which sparkle more than others. The round brilliant diamond easily has the most sparkle and fire from ALL other shapes! The first contributing factor to their increased price:


Round brilliant cuts are easily the most requested and sold diamond shape.  That popularity takes part in driving up the price by a bit. Think of the laws of supply and demand. However this is the only reason why the round brilliant cuts are more expensive.

Round Diamonds Lose The Most Rough

In order to achieve the fire and briiliance of the round shape a large amount of the rough stone must be cut away. In short, that is the main reason round diamond are more expensive than other fancy shape diamonds. You need much time and skill to cut the perfect round diamond.

When it comes to fancy shape diamonds, the cutter can manipulate the rough diamond to better accomodate the irregular shapes it must turn into. For example a cutter will look at each rough to determine what will be the most cost effective way to cut specific diamond to yield the best size and quailty of a specific shape. A round diamond being perfectly symmettrical requires a lot more of attention and skill to create it’s shape. Without the necessary precise work, it will not be a perfectly cut diamond.

The Benefits of a Round Cut

While the round diamonds are more expensive than other fancy shapes, there is a lot of leeway when it comes to color and clarity for a round brilliant. This ability to lower color and clarity on the round brilliant can give you the opportunity to save a bit to even out the costs of the diamond itself. For example an oval cut diamond at J color can have a visibly warm look to it. However, a round brilliant cut diamond at J color will usually appear white face up without very noticeable color. Due to their sparkle, round diamonds are also very good at hiding imperfections so you can easily go to the SI range only if the diamond is eye clean which you would need to inspect before hand.

Alternative: Cushion Brilliant Style Diamond

If you want the similar brilliance from a round without the higher price tag you may think about opting for a cushion brilliant style diamond. While fancy shapes diamond are unique in their appearance, we find that cushion brilliant style diamonds can come close in sparkle to the round brilliant cuts without the heft price tag.

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