May’s Birthstone Is Emerald & Choosing The Right One

Tips To Choose High Quality Emerald Gemstone

Emerald stone is very precious gemstone. It is considered as a monarch of the gemstones. Because of its exciting color this gemstone will always be in demand. As it is related to planet “Mercury” so it refines the mind of its wearer, moreover, it promotes the love and trust and also gives career growth, prosperity and better future to the people, so the selection of better emerald is very important. In this blog, I will discuss about some tips to choose high quality emerald stone.

Tip1: Confirm that Emerald is Natural or not

In natural emerald stone there must be some flaws like it can be black dotted or there must be bubbles, lines into it, whereas if it will not be real that emerald will look flawless and clean. Natural emerald will be quite hard and its facets will not depict the durable signs to wear that emerald.

Tip2: Confirm that Emerald is Certified or not

It is very important for a buyer to examine that emerald is certified or not because in the market, ample number of fake emerald sellers are available, so it would be better to measure every small thing before buying the stone like its color, size, shape, weight and its clarity as well and also check that emerald stone must be certified from the authorized Gem certification laboratory like, GemLab.

Tip3: Confirm that seller is trustworthy or not

Before buying Emerald stone, certification is important but ensuring that the seller is reliable or not is also very important. Do Make one thing sure that your vendor is providing you “Gem certification” along with your gemstones and Provides you the proper knowledge about your product because authentication of these things is very compulsory. One of the most genuine seller of emerald gemstone is “” who gives the guarantee of natural emerald stones.

To determine the actual emerald, 4 c’s plays a vital role to define the importance of emerald stone.


To choose better or high quality emerald, color identification is most important. As it comes in very dazzling colors, so the darker shades of green stone is considered as an “Emerald” and lighter shades of green are known as “Green beryl”. Most of the emeralds come in Green color with bluish or yellowish shade in it.


To find clean or transparent emerald is very exceptional. It comes with many imperfections like black spots, a hole or scratch in it, so emerald with proper purity is costlier than the emerald with imperfections.


Emerald gemstone comes in very different sizes and big one’s is rare to find. The price of the gemstone varies according to its size only.


Cutting of emerald is very difficult because of its imperfections, but once it cuts in a proper manner, then that stone would be considered as a costlier stone because cutter can cut it according to the choice of buyer like in oval shape, heart shape, rectangular shape, etc. but cutter has to maintain the strength of the emerald.


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