Obsession, fervor, desire… there is nothing that can quicken a pulse and set one’s heart on fire like the highly coveted pink diamond. Those that consider pink to be soft and sweet have yet to experience the fervor of this beguiling blush beauty. Pink diamonds are rare, in fact, they are considered to be beyond rare. Only a gem of such limited availability could capture the attention of elite collectors and connoisseurs.

Pink diamonds are worth ten to 100 times more than a classic white diamond. Their extreme rarity is what attracts an exclusive audience and the fervor is increasing as the supply of pinks is dwindling. Over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from a single location, the Argyle mine in northern Australia. Most diamond mines have been producing for centuries, but the first discovery at Argyle was only recently in 1985. To have a new find of such limited availability, in-part, explains the passion for pinks.

With only an estimated decade of diamonds from Argyle remaining, it is safe to say that pinks will only become ever more precious. Their scarce supply is a direct result of a pink diamond’s unusual formation process. Science is so often black and white, but a pink diamond’s cause of color has remained, to some degree, nature’s secret mystery. Most diamonds receive their color from trace elements, whereas pink diamonds are believed to obtain their color as a result of pressure beneath the surface which alters the structure, producing that crave-worthy color.
One of the marvels of nature is the modest size that pink diamonds are often found in. The annual production for pink diamonds over one-carat in size is less than a handful. Lavish and large don’t always go hand-in-hand in diamonds. Here the rarity of color, not the carat size, is celebrated. The juxtaposition between powerful pink and perfectly proper is what makes them the ultimate prized possession.


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