11 Romantic Ways To Propose

Great proposals are all about the two people getting engaged. What is amazing for one couple is simply not going to work for the other. While it is possible to go over the top with just about any proposal, it is always better if it means something and relates to the history of the couple. Tailoring a proposal is all about customizing the proposal instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone has heard about the dinner proposal or dropping the ring in her drink approach. Those are fun, but they are the same as everyone else. This is a story that is going to be told for decades to children, family and relatives over and over, so it is important to make it as special and unique as possible. Of course you must first be 100% certain your are ready for enagement and marriage.

Ready to get engaged? Make it a special event! Here are a few suggestions as to when and how to pop the question…                    

1)     Make it a surprise!  Everyone loves a surprise and your gal is probably no exception! This may or may not help you to decide to do it on Valentine’s Day, or her birthday, your anniversary of your first date, etc. If you feel that she strongly suspects it on a certain day; perhaps do it a week or a day early.

A proposal is all about surprising the other individual. If they see it coming, it ruins part of the fun. One individual can say they are going on a business trip and have to leave for a week or longer. After a few days, the person staying at home needs to receive a phone call, asking if they’d like to do just about anything (it doesn’t matter what) with a friend. The friend then drops the person off in a park at night but only sees the flickering of torches. When they approach, they can see the other person, standing at the end of the torches, music playing while they stand on a carpet, waiting for the individual to walk to them so they can propose.

2)     It is important to decide the “flavor” of the proposal. You want this to be memorable for both of you; how do you want those memories to feel? Intimate? Large, loud and proud? Wild and crazy? Warm and fuzzy? Think about the best times in your relationship and take a cue from that.

3)     One thought is returning to the scene of your first date.  If it was a restaurant; try to arrange for the same table. If your first date was at a sporting event with 60,000 other people and you want an intimate proposal; then scratch this idea.

4)     Looking for an idea that is very romantic and yet fun? Take a romantic walk in the city; first arrange with a street artist to meet at a certain location and time. Have a romantic drawing done; when he shows it to you both there are two word bubbles. Yours reads “Will you marry me?” Hers is blank waiting for her answer.

5)     Do you want the proposal to be noticed by everyone in the place? Take her out dancing but speak to the DJ ahead of time. Arrange that during “your song” he will pass you the microphone so you can “pop the question” while everyone turns and stares.

6)     Prefer the other extreme? Do it at home just the two of you. Perhaps turn out all the lights and have a trail of candles and rose petals lead her to you.

7)     Playful? How a about a game of charades? Or hangman? The answer of course being the question “Will you marry me?”

8)     Jokingly? You could get a ring sizer. Ask her to check her size. She will already be thinking “I guess he is getting ready to shop for a ring” but of course she won’t expect a ring at that moment. When she says “I think this one fits”; say “Here’s another one to try on.”

9)     Romantic? Take a late night walk on the beach. Arrange to find a message in a bottle along your walk with your proposal inside. Extra points if you can write it as a love poem.

10) Social media proposal? Video your proposal and post it on YouTube. You can even get family and friends involved; have them leave well wishes on the video before you show it to her.

11) The movie loving couple is the couple that just likes to get out and see everything that hits the theater. Regardless of what it is, they are the couple who knows the plot line of every movie and what is coming out soon. It also makes for the perfect proposal location. To do this, the person proposing needs to reserve the theater for just the two of them. There are a few ways to go about doing this. They can pay the purchase price to buy out the theater, or they can find out if there is a block opening in between showings and try to work something out here. The individual then needs to create his or her own little movie trailer of the two of them. It is best if it includes the green “Approved for All Audiences” tag at the beginning of it, so it looks authentic. So, when the couple sits down and nobody is in the theater, then a trailer or two plays before the created one, it is truly going to take the other person by surprise and be an incredible story to tell.

Gentlemen; whatever way you go with your proposal; remember a couple of things. First, ask for permission from her father. I don’t care what your ages; respect goes a long way! Secondly, even if you go with an outrageous proposal in front of a stadium full of people; remember the romance! Get down on one knee, pull out the diamond engagement ring and speak sincerely from the heart. And arrange for someone to take pictures; doesn’t need to be professional. The staged “engagement photos” can come later; get some candid natural shots…


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